The Harmful Effects Of Distress

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Stress is a response the body produces to protect and support us. How does your body use stress? Stress is generally considered being synonymous with distress. Distress is defined as "physical, mental or emotional strain or tension"
When this type of stress is constant, it becomes harmful. Cortisol is a steroid hormone released by our bodies in reaction to stress to help get us through challenging situations. Scientists have recently realized that the brain also uses cortisol to suppress the immune system and tone down inflammation within the body. So, persistent distress depresses your immune system and shuts down your body's ability to heal itself. Common conditions associated with chronic stress are heart disease, cancer, depression, eating disorders... the list is endless.
There is such a thing as good stress - good stress has a positive effect. It keeps us motivated, increasing our productivity. And as mentioned earlier, it produces the hormone which helps us through challenging situations.
So, the question is... How can you tell when the line is crossed between stress that is good for you and distress?
Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that question. The reason is that, what is good stress for one may be
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For some of you it may be taking an aromatherapy bath, a foot massage with lotion in your favorite scent, deep breathing with your favorite aroma, exercise with your favorite music... whatever it is make sure it involves different senses and is easy for you to do every time you are stressed. So, for those of you who are constantly on the go and need something quick and easy, a few deep breaths with your favorite aromatherapy may be just the thing for you OR if you love to take baths (as I do) and you spend more time at home, this may be an excellent 15-20 minute ritual you develop for yourself. During your ritual you want to focus on emptying your mind and focus on the senses that are stimulated by your

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