Negative Effects On Teenagers

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Violence is taking away the Philadelphia's inner-city teens’ lives and childhood. Violent video games and movies are destroying them; many of them the African-American teenagers. The television set brings the violence right into their living rooms. Those teens are in love with this world and everything that it contains, when the Bible strictly in (1 John 2:15) states: “Love not the world, neither the things that are in the world”. When they are looking for amusement, television plays a big villain in their poor judgment. It knocks them down very hard, and even puts them to sleep—morally, intellectually, and spiritually. As parents, setting a television set in your living room and watching anything with your children such as horror movies, violent movies, drama, and so forth, is like grabbing and pulling the evil force right into your household. And for those who put a television set in their children’s rooms, I don’t even know what they are thinking.…show more content…
The sad part about it is that it finds a green light from parents to take over. In other words, parents’ approval. Television brings pornographic images, crime, violence, nightclubs, drug dealing, alcohol, sex, kidnapping, smoking, and all the filthy and questionable lifestyles you can think of. Satan has won those negative teenagers’ and parents’ hearts big-time. He has scored a tremendous victory.
All these negative scenes that they are watching make a vivid impression in their lives, and their moral and spiritual standards are at risk. Those evil or ungodly people are pushing through or sponsoring steady, brutal crimes, violent movies and video games to millions and billions of negative people, including teenagers not having any positive thinking, vision, or morals. Neither do they have the will to turn away from such a destructive

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