Negative Effects On The American Dream

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The American Dream has been talked about for many years. It 's what made so many foreigners come to this country to find a better life and have the American Dream. The Dream has been changed and defined in different ways, but the root of it all was to have a house, a car, being able to support your family without a struggle, and to have a career that makes you happy. In this day and age the American Dream has become an unreachable fantasy. There has been people to achieve the dream but many have struggled to grasp it because of so many roadblocks put against them. The American Dream has been destroyed over the years and has become something that is unobtainable. The dream that are parents parents had is no longer reachable. Each generation before has destroyed the ability to reach the same success that our parents had or what our grandparents had. Debt has overcome the children of america. College gets teens into debt straight away. Right after highschool debt is already started for them. Life beings with debt. In a survey done by pew research center they found that four in ten US households (37%) have student debt. Although there are many of those who do not go to college and go straight into the workforce, a college education has been ingrained in the minds of students to be able to make it in america. There are many who can afford college and receive a diploma without debt, but those are very fortune people and are not the majority of students. College tuition has gone up

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