Negative Effects On The Human Body

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Abstract: This essay talks about the radiation from sunshine and the effects that it bring to the human body. Admittedly, the sunshine the body some benefits, such as boosting the body’s supply of vitamin D and enhancing the mood. However, while people are receiving profits, they are also be influenced by some drawbacks. The long time exposure to sunlight brings people quite harmful effects and even destroy people’s skin. The UV radiation can be classified as UVA, UVB and UVC. UVA rays would lead the causing of wrinkles on people’s skin and UVB rays would contribute damage on the epidermis. UVC would be absorbed by the ozone layer and could not reach the earth. This essay specifically talks about the impacts that UVA and UVB would cause on human body and how people would receive these UV radiations. As the UV radiation is serious, it is necessary to take some actions to prevent it. There are some methods provided in the essay which shows how to protect ourselves from UV radiation in physical and chemical methods. In addition, the essay illustrates the methods for people with different ages to choose proper sunscreens. As receiving the profits from the sun radiation, it is vital to pay attention to the negative impacts that it brings to the human body and take proper actions to prevent them. As in everyday life, people used to protect themselves from injuries, but might ignore that sometimes, the invisible factor might also bring damage to the human body. In daily time,
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