Negative Emotions In Daily Life

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Within a person 's consciousness, there should be a balance of both negative and positive emotions. Without these emotions, life would be meaningless. Negative feelings bring out a new light in people that they would not get from happiness. Constantly being in a happy state can make a person somewhat hollow. Negative emotions are important to daily life because they improve analytical skills and without negative emotions, happiness would not have a meaning. Therefore, negative emotions play just as a tremendous role in daily life as happiness.
Negative emotions are necessary for daily life because they improve analytical skills. People need analytical skills in order to see the important information that happiness doesn’t always show people.
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Negative emotions broaden the horizon of attentiveness. Happiness can make someone lose sight of other pertinent information. Another way that negative emotions improve analytical skills is that they encourage skepticism. Negative emotions bring out a “more analytical, more critical, and more innovative” way of thinking and making decisions (Begley 426). Negative moods can direct people 's thoughts. If a person did not use negative emotions, every thought that person had would be bland and boring. The negative emotions are important to decision making because they give people different ways to reason. Without the negative emotions, people would only use one perspective every time they had to make a decision. If negative emotions were non­existent, people would never use better decision making skills. Negative emotions are just as important to daily life as happiness because they give people better ways to analyze.
Another reason negative emotions are just as necessary to daily life as happiness is because other than improving analytical skills, negative emotions lead to positive outcomes such as improved memory and helping to
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People who would say that happiness is more important would say that positive emotions have better health benefits than negative emotions. Happiness has the ability to improve a person 's health, which is a reason why some people believe that these positive emotions are more important to daily life than negative emotions. An individual would be correct to say that happiness can bring people better health benefits, but negative emotions are just as important. A person does not have to constantly be in a negative state for these emotions to be important. Begley uses Lincoln 's borderline depression and Beethoven 's melancholy funk to show just how even public figures utilized their negative emotions. There should be a balance of both types of emotions, and that is why both are equally important.
With the effects that negative emotions bring people, they are just as important to daily life as happiness. Improving analytical skills and helping to bring out positive effects are just a couple of abilities that negative emotions are able to give people. Many people believe that in order to succeed in life, they need to be happy, but studies show otherwise. In today 's world, many people use negative emotions more often than they do positive ones, such as happiness. They use these emotions in order to reason, analyze, and

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