Argumentative Essay: Are Youth Sports Too Serious?

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Are Youth Sports too Serious?
Did you know children ages “5 to 14 account for nearly 40 percent of all sports-related injuries treated in hospitals”(Inetwork, 2017)? Youth sports are taken too seriously. It causes too many injuries, and puts too much stress on the kids. Also, it takes away from family time because they will always be playing their sport. Youth sports cause many injuries in children. “Over 448,000 football-related injuries to youths under 15 are treated in hospitals, doctors’ offices, clinics, ambulatory surgery centers and emergency rooms annually” (Inetwork, 2017). This number is way too high. Every year, more than 3.5 million children under the age 14 need treatment for sports injuries, with nearly half of all sports injuries for middle and high school students caused by overuse(Inetwork, 2017). This means that kids are being worked out to hard and play too much. Kids should not have to practice their sports everyday. 1.35 million kids a year get a serious injury from playing sports that are too competitive. It is getting to a point where the kids are not even having fun when they are playing sports, they are just playing it to win. Also, kids are realizing that they do not want to get injured because they do not want to do sports in adulthood. About 75%
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But if you are at sports all the time you can’t do any of your schoolwork. In a study of over 7000 students (average age of 13), questionnaires revealed that when more than 60 minutes of homework is provided, students resisted because they had no time from sports. Also, kids get a better body image and kids feel more confident in themselves” (Lindholm, 2017). According to Bliss Magazine, only 8% of the 2,000 girls questioned for the poll said they were "happy" with their appearance, while 87% said they were "unhappy". So kids still don’t feel good in their own
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