Argumentative Essay: Do Animals Have Rights?

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Do animals have rights? Well, it is a contentious notion. According to Hinkle (2011), rights are moral agents, and animals lack of moral agency. They are also lacking the higher level thinking skills that enable them to decide between courses of action. However, this is a weak argument. Some animals actually think rather well than people’s expect. Is it okay to hunt children with Down syndrome because they also lack of critical thinking skills as a deer? Singer (1979), author of Animal Liberation claimed that any quality that all human beings such as self-awareness, emotions and intelligence will be shared by many animals. So, either not all people are equal, or people are equal to animals. In these cases, there are many situations relates to animal rights such as animal being abused and abandoned and these cases can be solved by several ways.

When the problems come to the animal abuse, they always relate to factory farm. The factory farm raises live stocks indoors, disallowing animals to graze in the fields or pastures. The farmers prefer this overcrowded environment because it maximizes profits. Providing less space for animals cost less money. According to the research of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) (n.d.) ., animals in factory farms
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To prevent these problems happen, the education for the new generation are necessary. Parents are playing as an important role model in teaching their children to respect animal by showing kindness and respect to animals. ( Rosenthal, 2012). Due to education, the young generation will gain a concept that animals should be respect from other and we have to treat them humanely. According to Postman( n.d.), giving knowledge about how to serve an animal to a young child can give a best feedback to reduce cases about animal cruelty. With the knowledge, the young generation can derived which is true and false when they are taking care of an
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