Argumentative Essay: Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

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Does technology make us more alone? The technology subject today become such a controversial topic. Some people think that technology can make some negative differences like isolation issues. In the other side many people believe that technology is a great thing we have discovered that make our life easier on education, businesses, and different aspects. No one can deny that technology today has changed our life. Personally, I think that we got a lot of positive changes because of the technology, for example our lifestyle become easier when we contact each other, knowing the news, and our education become much better because of using technology, as a result we still should appreciate social media because of many reasons. For example, today,…show more content…
In fact, a lot of people think that using technology can change our thinking negatively, I will not say that is wrong opinion, in the other side, I will not say that is right that using technology can change human thinking negatively. I assure that if we control ourselves that will prevent us of getting wrong and bad thinking ways. Plus, many people say that using of technology can destroy our children’s thinking. I do not agree that technology affect children negatively. For example, personally I realized that using technology with children can make them smarter than children who do not use technology. To illustrate more, when I was a child I did not use iPad, lap tubes, smartphones which that did not help me to gain a lot of information as my little brothers do today. Nowadays, the majority of children who use electronic devices get a lot of information about different things, for example they can play some games that help them to learn new languages, and they watch some cartoons that have great ideas to make them thinking deeply to understand the story of the carton, and the best example are my little brothers who learned English language. As a result, I still appreciate the technology, and I think we who can decide to get positive effect, nor negative effect from using of

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