Argumentative Essay: The Dropping Of Atomic Bomb

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Dropping of atomic bomb • Yes it was necessary It 's not about what’s right or wrong, it is war. It 's about protecting the US people, not the Japanese, protect your people and defend them, not the enemies. They were our enemy and would not surrender under our circumstances so we needed to do something about it. They all literally hated us too, school girls were trained to kill American soldiers because they assumed we would invade and they would want everyone who lived in Japan to fight against us. And when we did drop this bomb we made a statement not only to Japan but the world that we are not afraid to do what we have to do to protect our homeland and defeat our enemies. War is not a pretty thing and you don 't worry about other people’s…show more content…
I think it was a good thing because it ended the war once and for all but also it was a bad thing because it killed so many other people besides the military and people at the bases and innocent people were also injured and affected by the aftermath of it. The aftermath of it also causes more deaths down the road. I think if Truman didn 't drop the bomb, things could 've been worse. Japan started the war with us anyway by attacking from air on Pearl Harbor. It 's a good thing we bombed when we did though because Russia was getting involved and other countries would 've joined and made the war worse. Where Japan didn 't get a warning about the bomb, they weren 't prepared and neither were the other countries so there was a better chance of nothing happening in return and nothing did. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen, not the entire country. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were hit on target pretty well. Not all the Japanese were a target as well, just the military. Yeah this was bad, but it could 've turned out worse if we didn 't do it. This was an experiment, the bomb was never used before and it could’ve been worse too. What if Japan decided to bomb us? Or attack us somewhere sometime else? What if Russia and the other countries got involved in the war? More of our
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