How Does Music Affect Our Lives

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Is it true that music can help you through many different situations? Well, it is commonly said that music is a very meaningful part of human cultures because it is an alternative way of communication. The impact of music in life is very remarkable through the history of the world, and according to scientists, music has influenced people since its creation because there is a theory about music, and it says that music gets people to act together and coordinated. Music seems to have an extended past that shows it as ancient as language or maybe older. Some archeology research demonstrate that one of the oldest instrument of this old art is a flute that were built with bird bones and it dates 6.000 years ago. In my opinion music influences our lives in different ways, for example in our brain.

Listening to music implies brain activity, but how does this process happen? Once sounds come through ears, they are transmitted to the brainstem and then to the primary auditory cortex; these nerves impulses travel to nets distributed all around the important auditory brain sections. It also has a kind of store where melodies and lyrics are saved to remember or identify future codes that fit with the ones stored; this is also the answer that our brain gives, to refresh memories and distinguish. All this process is very interesting and it
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Many music programs have been cut due to the lack of money to hold them, and this is also believed by parents and teachers to be a huge mistake. Music produces many gains to education whether it is listened in or outside of school, such as improving of language development, and test scores in consequence, increase of brain connectivity and spatial intelligence, this last aspect is curious because it also cooperates in terms of science considering that it stimulates students to recognize better how things can work
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