How Social Media Negatively Affects People

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Taiba ALoudah (12370) How social media affect people Social media and social networking are the technologies that have turned the way information is transferred or created. Social media has developed content influence as an efficient method to make separate identity of the brand. Individuals are now greatly influenced by the social influence because of the social content, and social network and consumers. Social media is constantly influencing them. Social media has provided mobile, web technology and a wide range of opportunities for the people who are also affordable. Social media is a tool of computer that allows the creation, sharing and exchange of information and ideas images and videos on a network. Social media helps to share information on the virtual communities. Social media plays an important role in lives of people. It is imperious part of lives of people all around the world. People can connect to other people, relatives and their friends sitting at distant places. Behaviors of people have negative and positive impacts because of the online web. Technology of social media has different aspects. Social media is a storm of websites, dozens of mobile apps that are enhancing the way of communication people have. Affect of social media can be grouped into three main headings: help to…show more content…
People spent their most of time on social networking (Anderson 2003). According they are busy in their phones and tablets. Cybercrimes are one of the examples of negative effects of social media. People now do not interact with each other directly by organizing a meeting instead, they just do all on phones and through Internet. Communication has suffered hence effecting communication skills of people (ArielyS, 2008); Terrorists use online sites for different reasons. They collect political, economic and public data on Internet and use it in wrong way (Weimann 2004; Denning
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