Negative Essay: How Technology Affect The Social Reality

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In modern post-industrial era, technology plays a key role in shaping the social reality. There is no doubt that it is the most important creation of the human mind. With the use of knowledge and its combination with resources in order to create a product, there is a practical benefit through upcoming procedures, specific techniques and methods. So thanks to this, man has at his disposal, what previously didn 't dare to imagine. The offer of the creation of an advanced standard of living is high, and continuously extends to every aspect of daily life, but the misuse of several cases has brought many negative effects on the global community and has undermined human happiness. It consists of a tool that frees people’s possibilities that can be used “correctly” for the good of humanity or “wrong” for its crash. How can contemporary people benefit from technology, without any expense on them? Technology is the study and the practical application of knowledge, methods and findings of science, and particularly of the machine, in industry, in medicine, education, trade, and other areas of activity and of human’s daily life in general. A technical civilization is the domination of…show more content…
In general, there was a need of improvement on existing technology then. By comparing the past with the present we can see a kind of competition between the two time frames, regarding the achievements that emerged in these periods. For example, there was an emergence of global community. By the time we start with messengers, carrier pigeons, smoke signals and whistles, later with typewriters and end up with the radio, television and now on mobile phones, chat and video calls, we understand that as the time passes the communication is achieved in various ways, and conclude that the man wanted and managed to reduce the distances, up to eliminate them in order to have direct communication with anyone, anywhere,
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