Negative Essay: How Technology Affects Different Generations

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It is a well-known fact that as the days go by, technology seems to be growing, changing, and improving every second. By simple observations, individuals may be able to tell that technology has the ability to affect different generations in different ways. For instance, specific forms of technology, like gaming consoles and video games, may be favored in the younger generations rather than the older generations. Today, there are many cases in young children and teenagers where excessive video game play can lead to addiction and become more of a habit rather than a form of amusement. Addiction to these video games or any other form of gaming can have the potential to place several poor health conditions into young children and teens. For instance, playing excessive amounts of video games leads to a…show more content…
It is without a doubt that children seem to be more involved in video games and staying indoors, rather than spending time with friends and family. This is a major factor that has the ability to invoke depression and other psychological mind issues. In some cases, young individuals incorporate gaming into their everyday lives. Their schedule consists of oversleeping, gaming, eating when necessary, and neglecting what the world has to offer. According to the Stirling County Study, neurovegetative habits like oversleeping and overeating are vital signs for a depressed individual (Murphy, 335). In doing so, excessive gaming can cause psychological harm if the addiction is completed in excessive quantities. Years ago, obesity in young children and teens seemed to never have been an extreme issue as it is today. Nowadays, these individuals have more of an incentive to do less, rather than do more physical activity. Being lazy and committing the majority of someone’s time, like playing video games, can have a major impact on the individual’s health and can potentially lead to obesity in young children and

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