Is Technology Important To Live In Our Society?

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What do you do when you leave your house? You make sure you have your wallet, keys and your phone. Most likely you are the Average american individual and have a smartphone. A smartphone that is basically a computer connected to the high speed internet allows us to have the world at you fingertips. One of the best things that technology gave birth too. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. Basically technology is what scientist developed to improve our everyday lives and make life easier by using science. Technology affects everybody around the world in a positive and a negative way. I believe technology is a good thing and a necessity to live in our society today. These advances have made our countries…show more content…
I prefer this type of culture. For example for myself and some of my peers we do not know what is going on in the outside world. Meaning I am unaware of what is going on like the weather and politics unless I open my smartphone. This is important because I believe individuals should be aware of what is going on around them and for me it can only be done using social media which came from technology. An application on my smartphone. The article “Small Change” was published in The New Yorker by Malcolm Gladwell on October 4, 2010 the article explains how social media is not dangerous as many people believe. Gladwell discusses activism and how the civil rights movement was fought without social media. I agree that that a revolution cannot be simply done on social media. A revolution can be started by one person but a group is needed to finish the job. Social media sites like twitter and instagram is a great platform to use. It can be broadcasted across the world and individuals like me can now what is going on. An example of a socials media movement is #BlackLivesMatter. There has many cases of police brutality towards minorities especially african americans and I was only made aware of this through twitter. Riots and anarchy was going on in america against the police and I didnt even know till I turned my phone…show more content…
The dad of technology. Google is a search engine that has over 300 trillion searches every year according to a brandwatch statistic. Anytime that I have a question or problem is simply “google it”. Almost every millenial has used this term. This term means load up a smartphone or computer and enter your question on google. Other than google their is bing and yahoo but google is the biggest search engine. Almost everyday I use google when I have a health concern I google it, when I need help with a school problem. This search engine and the invention of the smartphones are my most favorite thing to have come from technology. In the article “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” Nicholas Carr argues that the modern technology is making us dumber and that we are becoming more like soulless machines than actual machines. This is somewhat true. In some degree i believe carr but this is one of the cons of technology that has come but the pros beat the cons I prefer information at my fingertips and using google than having to go to a library and research information when it has already been done and available to me

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