Negative Essay: How Technology Affects The Brain

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How Technology Affects The Brain Even if you don’t realize it, everyday from when you wake up till you go to bed you’re using technology. You may have never thought about how much technology actually affects your brain, or if it affects it at all but it does. My four categories are, Mental Physical Parts Of The Brain And How They’re Affected Social Effects After doing all my research I was surprised how much technology actually affects you physically mentally and socially. It also surprised me when I saw the statistics on how much different age groups use technology everyday, and what they use it for. Some people believe technology is more on the negative side when it comes to people, but others think it’s a positive for people. I think it’s negative in which kids get outside less, and…show more content…
“I think it’s very possible that technology alters the brain” (Kirk Erickson). The environment and how we respond to our environment is one of the things that shape our brain. Technology affects our Memory, attention, and even what we focus on when we sleep. Your sleep is affected by the bright light radiating off the Technology that you use before you go to bed. The light tricks your brain into thinking it’s still the daytime. Since using technology can affect your sleep schedule it’s best not to use it right before you go to bed. Constant light on the back of the brain can cause less developed brains especially when your young. Brains develop differently now than they used to because of the constant interaction with technology. Everyday we forget things, some people more than others, but sometimes forgetfulness can lead to people thinking they have Alzheimer’s when really it’s just a simple life problem. The reason we forget is because in order to take information in we have to get rid of the information that’s in our brain leading us to
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