What Is Censorship In Schools Essay

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"The government should have control over the internet based on a middle ground that can be formed. Censorship can be harmful to the right that we have to equal access of knowledge. We as a people need to teach kids about the internet. The internet can never be a complete utopia free of evil. We can combat it the best we can, and we can learn how to handle it. We as a people have a responsibility; as John Locke puts it [The people's_Ñé job is to follow the laws, and the government's is to ensure people's rights, if the government fails its end the people can revolt, if we fail ours, the government can execute the law]. Knowledge needs to be free to everyone. Censorship in schools of sites is not just. In the article Internet Filtering at School Hurts Kids. There are students who cannot access sites for an exam, and students in debate teams cannot look at _ÑÒcontroversial topics on school computers_Ñù. Students need to have full access to the internet because we live in an uncensored world. Hate speech is awful, and can ensue violence. We can freely view hate sites and see if they are planning anything, or if they have a new agenda. This information is vital to…show more content…
The government should be able to pinpoint a law they find has been broken and then have the case brought to a different party. When it comes to censoring they should be able to censor sites that have childpornography. Sites that kids should not be on should then include a fee to be on them. This would make it harder for kids to be on the site, and deter them away. Other topics of censorship the government should not have control over, but rather the platform have government approved regulations, that are constitutional and legal. If we can find a middle ground that the people as a whole agree on, and the government will comply with, we could have a beneficial
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