Negative Essay: Is Technology Bad Or Bad?

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Is Technology Bad ? Technology is a double weapon purpose as much it can benefit you it can harm you too. It’s hard to say that technology is 100% bad or good because it has those two sides and if we judge it from one side we won’t be fair to the other side, so those sides are affecting by the way you are using technology, especially that we use technology in everything in our daily life. I think if we want to talk about technology benefits we won’t able to count, so I will talk about the most important sides and for sure we should mention the health side at first. Without all those medical devices, the operations, identifying diseases, curing will take a much longer time and effort which in reality this wasted time and effort could be used to cure more people and save their lives , and…show more content…
While on other hand, we can't deny the negative effects of technology especially the social one which is related to the social media which is I think it is the most dangerous. Social media made the individual like to sit alone and unfortunately on this time he’s communicating with fake people, it led to back and neck pain, harm eyes, obesity, made the brain over working which led to reduce the concentration, in addition that social media sometimes made a mind wash processes to people so the media showed people the only reality that media wants to show or even tamper

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