Negative Essay On Animal Rights

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Sargent 1 Harley Sargent
Ms. Clements
English 1301 12:00

Animal Rights Animal rights activists believe in giving the life of an animal the same importance as a human’s life. Animal welfare accepts that animals have interests but allow those interests to be traded away as long as the people benefit from the sacrifice. In contrast, animal rights theories say that animals, like humans, cannot be sacrificed or traded to benefit individuals and their needs. Animals should not have the same rights as humans because they were not put on this earth to serve as equals they were put here for us to benefit from.
Animal activist want to state their opinion on how farm animals are mistreated but do not witness this abuse first hand, or they just hear it through the grapevine and believe what they hear. Most of these people do not have pets unless they are house pets such as dogs, cats, and hamsters. I believe these animal activist have no room to talk about our ranching or farming communities in a bad way because nine times out of ten, animals on a ranch and farm get cared for better than most people expect.
The 4h program is a program for youth to get involved with a project such as a goat, sheep, cow or rabbit and learn how to properly care for it and exhibit that animal to its fullest potential. For example, the livestock that is being prepared to show get a bath at least twice a day if not more, and most are in a climate controlled area in the summer to stay cool
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