Atomic Bombs: Nuclear Weapon Used In World War II

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Atom Bombs Something is falling out of the sky! Is it a bird, or maybe a plane? No. That’s an Atomic Bomb! Find an Atomic Shelter, fast! An Atomic Bomb is a powerful nuclear weapon used in WW2. Atomic Bombs are mostly used for destroying the enemy in one swoop, because of its massive explosive destruction. For example, the USA used two Atomic Bombs at the end of WW2, which resulted in the destruction of Hiroshima, located on the eastern end of the Chugoku-Sanji mountains. When an Atomic Bomb explodes above land it will produce a small crater, but a large amount of smoke. But it 's a whole different story when it explodes UNDER the ground. The large hole created by the explosion sucks everything above it into the hole.…show more content…
The Atomic Bombs are able incinerate people and animals if they close enough. As you can see, Atomic Bombs are very dangerous and somewhat interesting. The Atomic Bombs used to attack Japan were NOT the only ones used in history. Although it may seem that way, but there was one more. Like Tsar Bomba, that were more powerful than Little Boy and Fat Man. It seems in my opinion that they are too powerful, and if the US were to use one, they would cause a lot of damage. If you’ve been paying attention to the news that was aired around late 2017, and very early 2018, the North Koreans,United Kingdom, The United States, France, and Russia are all nuclearly
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