Negative Essay On Ballroom Culture

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Imagine sitting in a warehouse on the upper east side with house music playing in the background waiting for a ball to begin. Unexpectedly the announcer says, “category is… bring it to the runway” suddenly a 6-foot man dressed in a flashy gown, creative themed makeup, a dark-colored wig, and 9-inch heels is prancing towards you. While he is prancing and sashaying down the runway, the crowd is going crazy, yelling and screaming in awe. The audience energy increases every time a new contestant appears on the runway in a different wardrobe. Welcome to the world of Ballroom culture. Very often, dominant society places implied or actual restrictions on individuals, who in turn respond by forming an association with those who feel similarly restricted.…show more content…
The performances are used “as a means of creating a new social sphere that critiques and revises dominant institutional practices” (Bailey 184). The men take control of their own life by taking on the role of dressing like a woman or looking like the rich. The ball events allow the men to dress up without restrictions and participate in certain categories and win an unlimited number of trophies based on their execution. The ball event allows the men to achieve their dream of being whatever they want to be. For instance, there is a category named “butch queen first time in drag.” This category is for those who have never been to a ball and are a masculine looking drag queen, but arrive looking like a butch (Urban Dictionary). On the other hand, the category “butch queen realness” allows the participating contestants to dress up exactly like their straight counterparts. The decision on what to wear in this realness category allows the gay men to fulfill society’s needs. The men give the world what they want to see so they will not be questioned and they are able to blend in comfortably with everyone else. By being in a position to make their own choices on representation and fashion, the members of the Ballroom culture come out feeling more in
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