Argumentative Essay About Immigration

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Being an American today means everyone is equal the same opportunities are available for every citizen of this great nation. Throughout history, people from around the world have looked to immigrate to America in search of a higher quality life and better opportunities. In the early 1600’s pilgrims found today's America as they were searching for religious freedom, from 1880 to 1920 many immigrants fled to this nation in search of greater economic opportunity ( Currently, there are some varying opinions regarding immigrants in America, some citizens believe immigrants are harmful to the country. Others believe that immigrants are beneficial to America as immigration increases economic growth; with more people working tasks can…show more content…
The United States government should not push away humans that could benefit our society. Ryan McCready elaborates on this idea he says President Trump's recent executive order on immigration has seen doctors and nurses forced to leave the country. This is terrible for America's health care system that is currently searching for help. Many of the hospitals are overcome with shortages in medical professionals and the president of this country is deporting brilliant medical professionals out. These immigrants could go a long way helping out the medical field in America. Of course, not all immigrants will be geniuses but they are still highly educated and very hard workers. Working in retail, the food industry, or as a laborer benefits America, someone needs to be doing these jobs to keep everything running smoothly. Even an immigrant working on a farm can help create jobs, each immigrant working on a farm is capable of creating three jobs in related industries (Ryan McCready). There are countless reasons saying immigrants benefit America, Ryan McCready states “The main reason immigrants are so good for America is their ability to create new things not only jobs but inventions as well. Immigrants are involved in the making of inventions that help humanity, 76% of patent have an immigrant involved in the invention; In 2016 there were 6 American Nobel prize winners all of them were born outside of this
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