Negative Essay On Oceans

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Although we have explored less than five percent of our vast oceans, humans have set them on a path to devastation long before we could discover the rest. Mark Prigg for warns by the end of the century, the oceans will have been damaged to an irreversible point. Without the oceans, the global climate cannot be regulated, where the world’s environmental state would then be far worse than what we have seen to be possible by, for example, global warming. It begins with our oceans becoming filled with various forms of waste by humans, atmospheric changes causing acidity in water increase, and imbalances of organism life leading to lower levels of oxygen. How the oceans may die is crucial to understand in order for them to be preserved for the survival of the planet. Numerous human activities generate a staggering amount of grave complications for the oceans and its crucial marine life. One of the most direct human activities that causes rapid decline in marine populations is overfishing. Some of the species…show more content…
As demand for metals and other materials grow in economy, countries turn to the ocean for collecting these materials that may occur more readily in the ocean floor. As informed by, the deepest parts of the ocean are being affected the worst by the mining; and acidity is increased due to the materials polluting the water: “For example, copper is a major source of pollutant in the ocean and can interfere with the life cycles of numerous marine organisms and life.”. They also state that as the acidity increases, corrosion of man-made objects is inevitable, leading to more pollution due to degrading material and increased oil spills. This then leaves another overcast of deadly substances to hinder the lives of creatures that must endure the circumstances placed by human
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