Negative Essay On Technology And The Awareness Of Technology

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Most of us could not deny that technology helps us in many ways but little did we notice with the aid of technology, we, the present generation are becoming better but lazier than ever. This is due to our own reckless actions which is we no longer applicating our good, old, hard work in thinking and communicating as we depend too much on technology where it is easier to engage to. Therefore, it is truly agreeable that nowadays’ system in communication and also our own thinking skills is getting worse because of the completeness of technology in our daily life. Technology is our new brain. We no longer have the time and attempt to go to libraries, to open our dictionaries, to think vibrantly about the issue that we are discussing about, instead, we search it on Google and simply just like a piece of cake, we get a definite answer. In fact, we also leave all of our books getting dusty, unused and useless, arranged on the shelves far in the corner at the altar of our house. This action of ours completely kills our creativity as what we will do is we type in a question and we continue to accept the answer without thinking any other logical answers that we can actually think using our brain’s ability. Sometimes, even when we are in a problem of a relationship, we can solve it through discussing about it with our partner but what did we do? We turn to the access of technology, we search about the solutions on the Internet. Moreover, adults visiting each other is
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