Negative Essay On Technology

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Technology is literally taking over the world right before our eyes. Today, everything we do is dependent on technology. Weather it’d be going to school, taking the train, typing a paper, and or turning in your work onto a website such as D2L or Technology will grow every single day and one day take over our world. As an IT major, there are new things constantly being invented by people that make our lives easier. Self-driving Uber was just recently introduced in Arizona, self-driving cars were introduced late in 2016 as well. These are just small examples of all the new things coming our way. In a small matter of time, we won’t even have to get out of our beds in order to get ready. There is a new statistic out that states over 70% of Americans fear that their job will be taken over by robots. In today’s day and age, this is a fear that sounds pretty normal. Robots are the newest piece of technology that everyone is working on. These robots are already taking jobs that people had to go to school for years. A robot plastic surgeon was just put into test in 2017 that went pretty successfully. These robots are a key example on how technology is taking over the world. People have practically become slaves to their technology devices. Us humans…show more content…
Small medical advancements can help save countless lives every day. Now, there are hybrid vehicles out on the market produced by Toyota, Tesla, Honda, and Hyundai. These companies are forcing a movement where we will never have to fill gas up in our cars again. Toyota is even pushing on inventing a car that only runs on water. This car will be coming out in late 2020. Technology is used for everything today, we depend on it every single day of our life. Sooner or later we are going to be depending on charging our cars because they ran out of batter or refilling up our “water tank” for cars that run on

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