Persuasive Essay: Should Bullies Be Punished?

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Shawn was being bullied when he was in 2nd grade until he was in highschool. He cried at home because he didn’t like school and his teachers did not help him. He was always bullied in all his school years besides college where he made actual friends that got to know him better and hangout with him unlike the other years of school. Shawn’s situation is commonly known in the world. Over 3.2 million students are bullied each year. Approximately 160,000 teens skip school daily do to bullying. Not most of the bullies are ever punished or helped. This issue is debated around the world. Some argue that bullies should be punished due to the damage it causes children, while some say showing bullies the impact of their actions help decrease bullying. Despite what some may say, bullies should be helped understand the impact of their actions because if they are helped they will stop bullying and if they are being punished they will more likely keep bullying others.
Kids who bully should be helped understand the impact of their actions. For example kids will stop bullying others if they talk about
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Many kids are being bullied over the world, but if you help the bully understand how others feel they will learn that bullying is not beneficial. Some say bullies should be punished so they could stop bullying others, but it is better to talk with them and see what the problem is and how others could help. Talking with bullies helps people understand what the problem is and how to help. After all bullies will gain respect towards others if they are being helped. Helping them will give them respect towards others and will teach them how be in the same school as others and not bully them through how they look or how they are. For children like Shawn they need to know that talking helps them. They need to know punishing bullies doesn’t help
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