Argumentative Essay: Should Gay Marriage Be Legalized?

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Should gay marriage be legalized? Over the years attitude towards gay people in some countries was different. However , in most cases homosexual acts were criminalized. In specific countries same-sex intimacy was punishable, included execution. In contemporary world situation has changed but there still exist problems regarding the recognition of gay rights. This essay will advance the idea that not only have people with different sexual orientation equal rights to fulfill their potential but also they have got freedom of choice. Any kind of discrimination is not acceptable. Consequently, issues such as: legalization of marriage, employment, public accommodations, credit lending, housing for non-traditional sexual orientation people ought to be taken into account. The reasons are different why legalization of gay marriage is impartial. Not only does it have importance in a sense of democratic principles but some kind of benefits can be brought as…show more content…
Specific people consider that the only one purpose of marriage is to create offspring and because of gay couple can not have a child, they do not have rights to marry. This opinion is more subjective rather than realistic. First of all, reasons of marriage could not be determined and it can be vary in different cases. Besides, if the same logic is taken reasonable then not only for gay couples but also for heterosexuals rights to marry has to be restricted. There are several reasons for this: Firstly, there exist heterosexuals who do not want to have child and secondly there are infertile couples who can not have child. The survey which was conducted by Pew Research Center (2013) demonstrates, 93% of married and 84% of unmarried people considers that love is the major reason for marriage. Therefore, taking into consideration the idea that marriage is for procreation can not be in the relevance with
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