Negative Essay: The Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian

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Have you ever thought of being vegetarian? Albert Einstein once said, "Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances of survival for life on earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." Vegetarian have been practised widely in recent years, there are about 21.9% of the world population considered as vegetarian nowadays. But is it harmful or not to our body? And is it enough for us to take enough nutrients and protein to sustain and maintain a balanced lifestyle?There are various reasons why individuals should go green, including their health, conserving environment and ethnic issue. To commerce with, when individuals consume healthy food such as fruits and vegetables, it provides the body with nutrients and vitamins the body needs to grow. In addition, healthier food are better for the immune system, because it cleanses your body and fulfills it with essentials, so that it is able to digest excess food quicker. Most importantly, “Good nutrition…show more content…
30% of the earth's landmass is dedicated to raising animals for food. Forests are compromised to create crops for animal feed. Grassland and freshwater sources are degraded from overgrazing, compaction and contamination. So not only are you choosing a healthier lifestyle, but you are also giving other people the opportunity to live a healthier lifestyle as well. Also, being a vegetarian can help improve the air quality. As 18% of greenhouse gases are attributed to livestock. Livestock produces over 100 polluting gases that contribute significantly to global warming. So it can help save the world by reducing famine. In fact, vegetarian is raising consensus to the ethnic issue. For human, there are actually 40% of the world’s grain which fed to the animals. But actually, half of this grain can feed all of the starving people in the world. So we can see that rearing less cattles can consume less food and therefore can relieve the famine

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