Negative Essay: The Benefits Of Violent Video Games

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Benefits of violent video games Many people claim violent video games don 't have any good benefits but there are actually many. Violent video games are games that are thought to be the cause of violence because of its lack of positivity. These games such as “Call Of Duty” or “Grand Theft Auto” have been rated M (Mature) because there is content in them that children under the age of 17 are advised not to play. Video games with such content can give people a taste of violence without actually going out in public and harming others. Violent video games have many benefits such as vision improvement, reduce of violence, and being a stress reliever. In an article written by Anne Berry she said that she once thought violent video games were bad for her son but, they actually gave him a stress relief. (1) Playing violent games such as “Call Of Duty” or “Grand Theft Auto” can actually make people feel better by venting the anger or stress that the player has so the dont go and actually harm others. “According to the Massachusetts General Hospital 's (MGH) Centre for Mental Health and Media, many young people play video games to manage their feelings, such as stress and anger, and those who play violent video games are among those more likely to play to deal with their anger.” (Ciara O’Brien 2 ) Violent video games can give a quick stress…show more content…
Another effect of playing violent video games it can improve your vision. There was a study led by Daphne Maurer where they took 6 cataract patients with life long disorders and had them play medal of honor a game that involves quick thinking and fast action. This helps the patients with seeing things quickly and thinking fast. There was a study on students who played violent video games and student who played “The sims” the students who had played violent video games showed a 43 percent increase in seeing certain colors such as 30 different shades of gray while the students who had played “the sims” showed no increase at
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