Negative Essay: The Destruction Of Television On Kids

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Ahmad Al Eissa ID: 12563 ENG 110 The Destruction of TV on Kids Television is one of the most entertaining material objects in any house entertaining section. The signals receive moving imageries and sounds. In early stages, television was visual, electrical, and motorized combined device. At that time, it was huge news. The first transmitted TV was in 1878; it was simple, uncolored and restricted in the local motion pictures and sounds. When the colors were added to the television. It was a huge transformation that changed the words. Television nowadays opened on the various satellites in the space that you could obtain several channels from around the globe. This topic is important because TVs are used a lot in our current time everywhere and every time. Unfortunately, children are the most effected ones for sure. There are many things that the television has that would causes some issues to other, like types of programs and shows, management of time, and radiation. Despite of the positive impacts like education programs and so on, the more television is keeping in evaluation; the more bad issue would appear. In this essay I’ll argue that however watching TV results in poor academic skills, poor health, and poor behaviors. The first major reason why supporters refuse watching TV is because it can cause poor academic skills for children. The differences between the past and nowadays in some certain matters have to be done, especially when children are being involved. The
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