Negative Essay: The Impact Of Social Media On Teenagers

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“The Impact of Social Media on Teenagers”
Social Media has changed our lives. Social media has definitely made us closer to other parts of the world. We are able to contact with each other all around the world with one click of a button. Nowadays teenagers are known to be one of the heaviest users of social media nowadays.Social Media may have its positive aspects, but can also affect teenagers negatively. Being able to contact with someone around the world who you may not know could be unbelievably dangerous. You can’t trust everyone on social media. However, teenagers love using social media, because they are able to stay connected to their friends and make new friends. Nonetheless, if it is putting teens and kids in danger, it must be monitored. Even though social media is a way to keep in touch with our world, it is affecting teenagers negatively in the form of their health, cyberbullying and personality online and as such should be reconsidered immediately.
Firstly, social media affects a teenager’s health in so many ways. A growing number of psychologists and neuroscientists believe social media may be doing more harm than good ( Derbyshire). For example social media is very addictive. Researchers have noted that the consequences
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Statistics show that "one in three people aged between 11 to 17 are cyber bullied, with girls three times more likely ( Doucet). This is a huge amount of teenagers being affected with a very serious issue. Cyberbullying often causes depression, isolation, and poor academic performance. Depression, Isolation and poor academic performance are all things that affects someone 's future. If you are sad and don’t interact with people when you are younger chances are it will be hard when you are older too. These hurtful words that could be a joke to someone could make someone do dangerous acts like
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