Negative Essay: The Impacts Of Over Dependence On Technology

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Nowadays, people all over the world are using technology everyday in their life no matter younger generation or older generation. They have addicted to technology and cannot stop using technology in the rest life. Technology has brought many advantages and disadvantages for us. If we use it as well as possible, sure that we can gain the advantages for it but unluckily most of the user are not using well. I agree with that people’s dependence on technology has affected creativity and communication to each other. Their creativity and communication become lower and lower due to over dependence on technology in life. Creativity and communication is not the things that already have when we are born. These are needed to emulate and learn for the other person. One who over dependence on technology will not talk the other by face by face because they just only use technology for communicating to each other in the world. They do not talk and share their opinions to other and make their creativity become lower due to lack of ideas in their thinking. They feel scaring to talk to each other. By the way, they use technology to communicate. People will not be brave in the future even thought they do not solve the problem properly. They run away to solve the problem by facing it. At the end, people will become unlikely to talk if the problem does not…show more content…
This is because they like to search for answer for the internet and this will make them lazy to think. Their brain cell become inactive and make their creativity becomes low. They become unable to think and talk due to over dependence on technology to help them solve their problem in life. They cannot think well when they facing problem if technology is absent in life. Besides, they also over believe all the answers they search for the internet. They do not check the fact before accept it due to them lazy to
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