Negative Essay: The Positives And Disadvantages Of Social Media

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An adolescent girl sits in front of her laptop anticipating the next tweet from her best friend whom is on vacation in another country. A student studying abroad, far away from his family, posts daily updates on his Facebook page to show them what he often gets up to. Numerous companies promote their new products online by uploading daily pictures on their social media pages. They write attention-grabbing captions to create hype surrounding their items in order to get them to sell, and increase their profit. Social Media, a group of websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to partake in social networking, is the current sensation that is literally taking the world by “electronic” storm. Social Media has existed well before it gained its recently massive…show more content…
People share their life and personal information online, which is considered risky, since it can be seen by practically anybody. Social media, as many things has both positive and negative effects. It can benefit people, as it can cause them harm. Social media is a popular network that acquires both advantages such as establishing relations, and boosting marketing, and disadvantages like creating loneliness, and fabricating identities. The first advantage of social media is that it provides its users with an easy platform to create online relationships. Social media establishes relations based on virtual communications. It makes it tremendously easy to contact whoever a person may want to reach, and work his or her way up from there into developing a solid relationship. In the article, “Identifying Implicit and Explicit Relationships Through User Activities in Social Media” Yang, Tang, Dai, Yang, and Jiang (2013) discuss that social commerce platforms and co-creation events generally host online societies. Through these online communities, clients or virtual users intermingle electronically or exchange mutual interests.

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