Negative Essay: The Pros And Cons Of Censorship

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First and foremost, one of the advantages that people can agree on is that censorship does protects the young, the innocent and the powerless. It is based on the reason that we don 't generally realize what is beneficial for us, we don 't generally recognize and thus we don 't generally comprehend what ought to be uprooted. For instance, numerous films on TV are censored. Individuals don 't understand the impacts of this current, it 's desensitizing, and there is an increase violence and the failure to separate reality from dream. One example citied from Wikipedia that can demonstrate this, is an Incident that happened in the year 1993 in England. Two-year-old Jamie Bulger was kidnaped by two ten year olds outside a shopping center. They…show more content…
Some argue that censorship should not eliminate the right to information, they believe that people got the freedom of speech, to express oneself freely whether through words of the mouth, literature ,art and other means of communication. You can’t judge the individuals they have a different views but the censorship does not allow the people as for example the media got the right to disclose the information that people needs to understand, however ,According Clyde (1997) Censorship internet is vital tool in education actually it is an environment children should be kept away from. It benefit by the way it is used but some use it in a wrong way for example, Social media is a place where people can say or type thing openly as religion offense, intense racism and political issues etc. Whereas Some even argue that it is to be fine that movies and books to be censored but not to monitor the lyrics of the songs. Which most of the song now a days got curses. As censorship in books, plays, and movies may affect the overall feeling and meaning of the writing but people should have the freedom of speech to express their self through many ways. While censorship is needed to ensure social media, it also negates freedom of speech. People should be allowed to convey themselves and say what they feel or believe without being restricted. But freedom of speech does not mean that you can say absolutely anything it comes with responsibility and therefore people should ensure they don’t offend
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