Negative Essay: The Social Effects Of Social Media

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The Social Effects of Social Media With technology advancing, the world of interactions via internet progresses daily as well. Every week there is a new way to connect with people, such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and of course Facebook. As convenient as all these social media platforms can be, a standard on these platforms has been established. Instead of connection and expression, individuals are concerned with the status they feel their social media brings them. As time goes on, social media seems to be unraveling itself as a cool, yet controversial system of expression. The concept is rather simple- connecting with your mates, showing off your new car, blocking that creepy person who requested to follow you about 27 times, and anything else you can imagine. However, social media has created a social standard that people have embarked with it, and it is concerning enough to be brought to attention. Since the creation of social media, it has harmed society more than it has helped. Members, specifically teens, feel influenced by social media to make bad choices, be made vulnerable to hatred/bullying, and possibly even lose productive time. “Likes”, “Thumbs Up” or “Favorites” are some of the very few ways expression of other people’s post can be showed. As silly as it sounds, the sole like an individual can put on another’s…show more content…
Through the survey, it is shown that everyone who took it had some platform of social media- whether it be facebook, twitter, instagram, whatever. Of these people, about 45.5% claimed to be on social media for around 4 hours a day. Considering there is a total of 24 hours in a day, that is roughly 1/6th of the day spent on your phone basically doing a mindless activity. The continuous hours spent on social media is detrimental to brain activity, for someone could be spending the time doing more worthwhile things, such as
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