Negative Essay: Vegetarian Bodybuilding And Steroids

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Vegetarian Bodybuilding and Steroids:

From a nutritional standpoint, vegetarians don’t need steroids to bulk up any more than meat-eaters do. Plant-Eating warriors tend to be health-conscious people, so they are more likely to performance-enhancing drugs with well-known side effects. As vegan bodybuilder, I laugh at the drug tests. I don’t even eat meat!

But for a variety of reasons, some bodybuilders on both sides of the meat debate choose to take steroids to boost their performance and aesthetics.

Although not all steroids are inherently bad, they tend to be abused because they work so well. Once the effects those steroids have become clearly apparent to those who start taking them, it can become a slippery slope between healthy and unhealthy.
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According to fitness expert and author, most steroids allow faster muscle growth through greater recovery, while others help increase strength which allows for greater stress to be put onto a muscle. Without food to build the muscle or training to stimulate it nothing will happen. Most of the weight gain seen with the use of some steroids is due to water retention and is not actual muscle.

Whether taken intravenously, intramuscularly, orally, or topically, the way steroids work in the body is very complex. If you’re going to take steroids, you’re best off keeping your diet as simple as possible. Since vegetarian diets tend to be rich in high-quality protein and complex carbohydrates, plant-based meals are well suited to process steroids in the body.

Your body can only utilize steroids if enough protein is present, so you must get enough plant-based protein in your diet. Since steroids have a cholesterol nucleus in their structure, you need to have enough cholesterol in your diet to synthesize the steroids.As strength coach, Practical Programming for Strength Training, cholesterol is a precursor to testosterone production in the
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