How Does Technology Harm Us

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Have you ever heard someone say something like “Technology harms us” or “technology is bad for us”? Technology is good and benefits us. Technology helps us with our daily lives, also it makes us smarter and helps education, and technology is what helps the army able to protect you. Also as you read this you are on technology so there is already one reason it helps you. How many times have you used a faucet, or used a washing machine? That's one time that you have used technology in your daily life. According to Hagon “All you have to do is look at the things which positively impact our daily lives that didn’t exist five or ten years ago, Most of those are enabled by software.” This clearly states that most of the things that were invented in…show more content…
Someone who is safe at home and can have peace? Well you can thank rechnology for that. Rasmussen states “Individuals making purchases online and storing important information on their home computers, phones and tablets need to be assured that their information is safe.” This states that people need technology protection to protect their online purchases and other personal data. Likewise Rasmussen says “We can send emails from our phones, video conference with friends or family overseas and connect with politicians,” This statement proves that technology helps the military and other departments of 911 communicate when there is a emergency. Also it allows people in the military to communicate with their families when they are out protecting you and keeping you safe. Also Rasmussen agrees when saying “Social networking has not only helped people connect with one another, but it also serves as a platform for individuals or groups to rally others for a good cause.” what rasmussen says is true, technology and social networking helps those who rally for good causes, which helps give you rights and helps those protect you. All in all this is why technology helps protect you in many
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