Benefits Of Torture

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Torture is defined as the intentional use of physical or physiological pain to gain advantage over an individual. And most people say it 's ok because it 's “ for a good causes” because that 's what the government has told them. People don 't actually know what they do and why they do it. Just because the person is from a different country or has a different culture that doesn 't make them a terrorist and it doesn 't mean they are going to attack our country. 65% of people that our government torture to get information end up dying before we can get anything from them. There is no real reason why we use torture to get answers, we just use it as a game. For years people have been thinking torture is good and that it can help benefit our economy…show more content…
And the other 65 % end up dying from the things that are done to them before we get any answers. Torture is almost useless compared to the amount of people that we get information from through it. And when we do get what we want from them, what are supposed to do with them we can 't just let them walk around we have to kill them which really makes no point in torturing them anyway. There are other ways to have them turn to the US like money, fame, power, etcetera. That would have them willingly to help us out. Basically if they were giving an option for them to help us they would choose torture last. I see if maybe once or twice we needed to use it on someone for a bomb threat or something but I think it would be so much easier to get them on our side without using…show more content…
It’s a useful tool that you can use to help our government and to help our economy thrive. But I say it 's just an easy excuse for the government to get rid of people they don 't like or have a grudge against. And yes it was used alot in history but that is the past we are supposed to be better and more intelligent than what we use to be. We have grown from what we use to be in medical ways, enginering, religion, etc. and we can improve on our government as well. People in the U.S. only think its ok to use torture because it 's supposed to benefit them but if they were the ones that we getting caused pain they would disagree with causing sever pain to someone to “benefit” the
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