Negative Essay: Why Is Torture Ok?

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Torture is defined as the intentional use of physical or physiological pain to gain advantage over an individual. And most people say it 's ok because it 's “ for a good causes” because that 's what the government has told them. People don 't actually know what they do and why they do it. Just because the person is from a different country or has a different culture that doesn 't make them a terrorist and it doesn 't mean they are going to attack our country. 65% of people that our government torture to get information end up dying before we can get anything from them. There is no real reason why we use torture to get answers, we just use it as a game. For years people have been thinking torture is good and that it can help benefit our economy but it 's not true that 's just what we have been told by our government. They think just because it 's a person from another country it 's ok but if it was someone from the united states it…show more content…
I am against the United States government using torture as a tool to get information from people of our own and other countries. The way we use torture is very hypocritical we think it 's ok for if we use it for people that don 't live in or country but if it is someone from our own then it isn 't ok to do. We have used torture for many generations before us but we can find a better way to help our state 's. Most of the people that the government take end up dying before we can get any answers from them and if we do get information we have to kill them anyway. People think because there are people that come from some of our enemy countries it makes them bad aswell, so we should harm them which makes no sense in doing if they are not a part of it. It is a useless tool that we have been using way to often when there are many other ways to be able to help our country without making a lot of enemies at the same time. Torture is something our government has been depending on to help them but we need to have better ways in

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