How To Wake Up Early Essay

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“Wake up”, says a parent “I’m still sleepy though”, says child “Wake up now, school is starting soon”, said parent “Why does school have to start so early?”, says the student. Making Students wake up too early can cause negative effects on their body. Children naturally undergo a shift in sleep patterns during puberty. Poor sleep is linked to reliance on unhealthy products. People who don’t get enough sleep can have sleep deprivation. Sleep deprivation can have negative effects on your body and make you tired easily. This can lead to people taking drugs to regain strength. Students having to wake up early for school can, mess up their sleeping patterns, make them use unhealthy products, and not enough sleep can cause sleep deprivation. One reason schools should have later start times is that the student’s sleep schedule changes during puberty and the student tends to stay up late and wake up late. According to the National Sleep Foundation,”Children undergo a shift in sleep patterns when they enter puberty, which causes them to remain alert later in the evening, and wake up later in the morning.” This means when the student enters puberty there will be a shift in sleep patterns, their schedule will change naturally. The effect of this is that if they are supposed to wake up early, they will experience sleep deprivation. Sleep…show more content…
Verywell Family says that “Poor sleep is linked to increased reliance on caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol.” This leads to students having to rely on caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol just to gain energy or stay awake. The students using the product could experience side effects. The student could get sick and also get addicted to the product they are using. Students could have a lot of side effects just by waking up early. Obviously, poor sleep is linked to reliance on unhealthy

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