Why Wheat Is Bad

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The topic of this essay is why wheat is bad for you. As an active person, physical fitness is an essential part of my life. Being overweight or out of shape plagues some otherwise well-intentioned Athletes to the point where they are no longer adequately combat effective. One of the key factors which attributes to this decline in overall fitness and health is a poor diet, which many Athletes fat and skinny alike seem to follow. Wheat in particular is a food which is a staple in the modern American diet and is consumed on a daily basis without second thought. Unfortunately, it can be the reason why many Athletes struggle with losing weight even though they are exercising and think they are eating correctly. For too long wheat has been promoted as heart-healthy and conducive to weight loss. This misconception might be to key to the mystery some individuals have with cutting fat.
Wheat has a higher glycemic index than table sugar. This means it will spike the consumer's blood sugar faster than any other carbohydrate, leaving them hungry even if they have eaten an adequate amount of calories. Wheat also contains gluten, a mixture of proteins associated with digestive issues and prevention of micronutrient absorption.
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The American population should be informed as well due to eating wheat on a normal basis. It may be challenging since wheat is a set up sustenance which numerous individuals would prefer not to surrender. People have most likely been eating wheat for a considerable length of time with no apparent negative health consequences, so trying to persuade them generally might be hard to do. To influence people to modify their eating regimens and to get my voice out to the FDA can be hard to manage without persuading information and great contentions. Ideally the confirmation I give can be persuasive enough to have the audience read into the labels stating products are “gluten-free” according to the FDA

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