Smartphones And Millennials

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This research objectives seeks to identify the variables involved in shaping image asocial between smartphones and millennial. It is not just image association is the factor motivating the urge to own a smartphone but it is also a fundamental reason as to why certain individual is against the addiction of smartphone itself, claiming that it has increased detrimental impacts of smartphone over usage in the world today. Therefore, it is vital to study whether there is image association between both the elements. Assumption was made that smartphone brands does contribute to the image association between smartphone and millennial. The research examined theoretical explanation for brands image and image association.

The degree of similarity between
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However, mostly are ignorant about the fact that an alternate technology as a means of communication is possible. An example on this would be, following a the increasing mobile phone usage which have led to an increase in bullying rate, has certainly prompted Japan to launch a nightly curfew on mobile devise after 9pm from December 2014 onwards. This ambitious plan to ban children from using smartphone or any mobile phone device after 9pm.( The Telegraph, March 2014) Also, according to a study in Korea the home of Samsung and the world’s ‘zippiest’ internet access, by National Information Society Agency, the people take the ‘digital habits’ to the extreme. The government is worried as their teens are at risk for smartphone…show more content…
Moreover, in today’s economy, the mobile industry has evolved into multi-million business because of ability of corporations to initiate their monetary involvement to the mobile phone features and applications, such as Facebook. Being one of the biggest players in the world of smartphones, withdrawal of their involvement or their social interaction application will inevitably reduce the amount of the addiction of a smartphone user. As far as this social site is concerned, the application has encourage the benefit of networking. This has stepped up the social interaction scene and allowed those who wished to participate in the opportunity to do so. Therefore, in this way, the smartphone is intended to have a mutual benefit for both the mobile industry and the users. If situation of removal of certain types of application or features results in declining usage of the mobile phone itself, then those who are concern on the rise of this addiction will be
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