Negative Impact Of Children Dating

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The Worst Fact Faced by the People in this Era is the Increase of Children Dating Throughout childhood, children become increasingly involved in a wide array of experiences including being in a relationship and even dating someone. There is a time when someone knows what love is but in this case, it occurs prematurely. Children dating is not an appropriate way to define what relationship is especially children between the ages of five and thirteen who have more important areas on which to focus their energies and attention. For many cases in Indonesia, plenty of children these days are dating when they are in elementary school. It is the worst fact to know that children without physically or emotionally ready to date someone might associate…show more content…
Some parents are not able to pay attention to their children from the bad influence of media. The other factors come from having a bad friends. Childhood is a time to hang out and make friend. Therefore, parents have to be smart to choose and sort out who deserve to be friends. Children who hang out with good friends will be easier to maintain themselves. Conversely, a bad friend will be very easy to be the bad influence. The parents just ask their children to have a lot of friends without thinking of the positive and the negative impact. Furthermore, the neighborhood is a huge and unlimited media to learn about friendship, family, school, mass media, technology devices, settlement, and the others. The neighborhood has an important role in creating the children's character into different types. A bad quality of neighborhood can change and establish a good personal becomes bad. In contrast, a good neighborhood can form a nice personality and can even change from bad into good. Childhood is the time for children to be in school to play, to grow strong and to…show more content…
That is why children should enjoy their life, create more friendships and do not be in a dating. It is the parents' responsibilities to mold them into decent adults. Some parents may think that they should not be angry, just being silent and be under the impression that dating is something natural and nothing to worry about. For the time being, this fact would be a fear for At the end, respectful people are badly needed because the idealized of childhood should be saved. Children are the best imitators of their parents. As the closest part, every parent must make decisions about dating and the concept of 'best friend', they have to set up a time for their children, hear the stories and complaints. Thus, parents can monitor how the condition of their children and start to direct them into the proper way. The most important thing is the implementation of norms and values since their childhood. Their parents should accompany them while watching TV, access the internet, control the use of gadgets such as mobile phone and applications in it so that children will not receive the negative things. Good neighborhood, choice of friends and intense education will support and make

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