Media And Crime Re-Enactment

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The impact of crime re-enactment shows on youth and criminals
Over the period of time, the scope of the media has broadened. Now just informing, educating and entertaining are not the functions of media. To evaluate, suggest, criticize, guide, persuade and much more are the expected responsibilities of media. Media is playing a pivotal role in changing the public's opinion. Common masses depend on the information as the get from Television and try to absorb in the same way as they have been seen on Television. Because they consider the television as a reliable source of information.
Schramm (1954) said that "readers read the newspapers because it is not only the tool of information but they used the information as a supply of
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violence, aggression. and inhuman ways of crimes as' shown in the crime re-enactment shows.
Increase in sensationalism and violence in the crime re-enactment shows having such impacts on the audience which \\ ould disturb the information function of media
There is a lot of fear about the content of the crime re-enactment shows these days wh ich often does not serve the mission of Journalism that is information the public (true and subjective ).
The media is known to be the most powerful means of communication. Media IS to be the voice for the voiceless in the society and be a public watchdog. Media exposes the evil and unspoken articles in order to improve a society for better. The media being the fourth estate after the three arms of government usually rely on truth facts rather than opinion. -.
The researcher will explore the role of media in delivering the information in the fonn of different crime re-enactment show: about the real crime stories. Such crime show s are

The impact of crime re-enactment shows on youth and
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What are the impacts of these crime re-enactment shows on the society?
1.2 Problem statement
The study explores the impact of TV crime re-enactment shows on crim inals & youth. TV crime re-enactment shows are showing different types of crime stor ies The
researcher wants to +r: TV crime re-enactment shows are having nn pacts on
youth and criminals. The study also eXPlor~/t~.::::J.( performing the r ight Job to aware people about crimes or on the other hand/he criminals learn the different and new ways of crimes.
].3 Objective of the research
I. The objective of the researcher's study i~ to find out the imp.!ci of T. V crime re- enactment shows) on criminals and youth. ~ )< '~..-
2. (fo find ou8 Crime re-enactment shows ~iving awareness to people about
1 committing crime
To find out rle (criminals & youth) follower ship towards re-enactment crime
].4 Rational for selecting youth
\-----v outh is the time of life when one is young, but often means the time between children and adulthood (maturity).Youth is also defined as the appearance, freshness, vigor, spirit are characteristics of one is young

The impact of crime re-enactment shows on youth and
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