Negative Impact Of E-Commerce

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Introduction The introduction of e-Commerce over the past years has had a major impact on society and the way business is done on a global scale. This has had many positive effects on both the business and on consumers. Additionally there are risks that have had a negative impact on both the customer and businesses. This report discusses the impact and risks associated with e-commerce to an organization and to global business and society in general. Consumer trustEnabling people to shop online has had a massive positive impact on consumers throughout the world. Consumers have become more empowered than ever before and have a greater choice of goods available to them at much lower prices than they would pay in a local store due to the fact that they can shop anywhere in the world and take advantage of currency exchange rates and economic differences throughout the world. Online Sales B&Q has expanded its business by offering customers the ability to go online and order large items online that can be delivered directly to the customer within a pre-agreed time scale.B&Q are a ‘brick and click’ organization. This means they sell goods both in-store (brick) an online (click) on their website Taking a large item such as garden shed as an example×7-Shiplap-Wooden-Shed-Home-Delivered-with-assembly-and-base-11987585 which costs £729.98 including delivery. The free delivery is an incentive to the customer

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