Negative Impact Of Positive Impacts On The Consumer

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Negative Impacts to the Consumer
1. Cancelling Orders- For an instance if the customer has ordered products of a large quantity, once the order is placed online the customer doesn’t have the ability to cancel it. Therefore the customer has to be cautious when selections are made and he/she should make sure that the proper and the correct product is being selected.
2. Delivery Costs- There are instances where an additional amount is being taken from the customer as additional charges and there is a possibility of these amounts to fluctuate with the increase in amounts in the economy.
3. Product Delivery- In case of sudden traffic jams or due to certain other issues, there can be delays in delivering the particular product to the destination. This can lead to issues between the customer and the organization as well. On one hand this is considered to be a negative impact to the customer.

Positive Impacts to the Business
1. Good Customer care- The business has the ability to increase the daily profits by providing the customers with good customer care services such as friendly conversations between customers and the individuals in the organizations. These methods mainly help in increasing the sales of the organization as well.
2. Obtaining Products anytime- The customer has the ability to search or purchase any product as the online purchasing platform is available 24 hours and the service can be used whenever the customer needs. This can increase the sales of the
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