Negative Impact Of Smartphones

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Do you think smoking kills? How about the negative impacts of smart phones? Or are we controlled via our technology? In the previous decades, technological development boomed in the area of telecommunication, namely, in the area of smart phones. Although smart phones has changed our lifestyle by bringing conveniences and some positive alterations. Its negative impacts has aggressively affects students education, social interaction and self- regulation. Therefore, smart phones negative impacts overlap its positive impacts on student’s life. First, the negative influence of smartphones is obvious on student’s education. Essentially, on their commands of language and grammar accuracy. However, opponents of this claim may assert that, it was the use of innovative language literature on smartphone applications which improved students writing and spelling accuracy. To a certain extent they are not wrong, when argue and put forward the benefits of a few smartphones application such as Puzzles, Crosswords and pronunciation accuracy apps, which help student’s pronunciations and their vocabulary enrichments. On the other hand, the usage of ‘abbreviations in (SMS) or texting via smartphones has aggressively worsen students ' grammar and their spelling efficiency (Kate Ross, 2010). Moreover, smartphones distract student’s attention in the class. A study by the (international journal and research on education, 2013). Shows that 14% students one point or another pay game during class
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