Negative Impact Of Smoking

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The Negative Impact of Smoking

This essay discusses the impacts of smoking on people. The debate on one side is that the negative impact of smoking can seriously lead to divers diseases and then to death. On the other side, debaters argue both that smoking is an individual freedom that cannot be prohibited and the economy is dependent on smoking because the tobacco industry has a positive impact on the national economy for most nations. This essay shows how smoking is the most serious global epidemic. Then, it also shows how smoking can be the most harmful thing for children and pregnant women “ The health effects of cigarette smoking have been the subject of intensive investigation since the 1950s ” (Elders, 1997). Additionally, it points out how smoking can impact people directly, especially on the sexuality of a man on every level. Also, it demonstrates how the financial cost of smoking can be a lot in the long run. From this point, this essay aims to prove the negative impact of smoking in general and proves why it should be globally forbidden.
Firstly, smoking is the largest cause of many diseases that lead to death. The World Health Organization estimates the number of smoking-related deaths to be about 100 million people in the 20th century “Tobacco kills around 6 million people each year” (World Health Organization, 2016). This number is equivalent to twice the deaths of World War II. The World Health organization claim that if present trends continue to rise, the

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