Negative Impact Of Social Media And Its Impact On Youth

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Social Media has become world recognised and well known over the past few years .With Technology improving and developing, social media is being used efficiently and effectively however it impacts our society negatively and influences teenagers in many ways. Social media refers to the technology and computer devices/tools that enable society to communicate, share update, inform, or exchange ideas with each other. Social networking is used by many businesses in order to advertise their product or service, and by broadcasting their business in a broad spectrum. People that have lost contact with their past friends or relatives use Social networking to reunite again. Students use Social media for educational purposes and self-awareness. In this modern day and age social media is often related with politics and poetic justice. As a society, Social Media is taking over our lives, there’s no time for anything but to play with our phones and interact with other people virtually. In some cases, Adults use social networking more than their own children which is ironic because you would expect their children to use it more often. It impacts families as they don’t spend enough quality time with each other, such as : eating together at a dinner table, talking and interacting with one another, debating on weird and interesting topics, Sunday drives with dad or even shopping with mum etc. As a teenager I believe it complicates life but we need to understand when there’s a time to use our
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