Negative Impact Of Social Media On Children

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The topic “The impact of social media on children” was chosen to find out information on why children allow social networking to control their everyday life. We now live in a generation where social media is very popular among our children. social media is a platform that is made up of websites that interacts with the world-wide web which is use to communicate with someone from a far. Websites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram. Even watching videos on YouTube is a part of social media. The goal as parents that we need to be more aware of what we allow our children to do on these social platforms. We need to inform them about the safety about using the internet and give them advice about cyberbullying, depression and suicide.

Key concepts: social media, social networking, children

We live in a world where technology is being used thought out the day. Some children at young age knows how to operate different sources of technology. However, the focus for my research is what impact does social media plays in our children life today and has it changes from the time it started to know. Social media is described as a broadcast of programs that one can obtain from their phones or any other smart device that connects them to the internet and a world life. The question I ask is social media different from from now. Or can it be threat for our children. Is there a safety way to protect them from using social media in a hasty manner ? What are the
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