The Impacts Of Sustainable Tourism In China

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With the social development, tourism has become the most powerful and biggest industry. As the concept of sustainable tourism is getting popular but has not yet formed into a unified concept of sustainable tourism. It is aimed to achieve the requirements of the sustainable development of tourism should be natural, social, cultural and ecological coordination with the environment. The negative impacts of tourism, including deforestation, pollution, indigenous culture loss, and habitat and biodiversity loss. Sustainable tourism requires the establishment of a suitable balance between the environmental, social and economic, to guarantee a long-term sustainability of tourism development. According to the World Tourism Organization (2013), China will
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These people will direct effect by the tourism industry. Also, the management offices and departments of the attractions, such as the Tourist Administrations are the secondly direct impacted. Set the whole tourism industry as the center sector, the related industries, as shows from the figure below, are Tourist Attractions, Catering, Transportations, Entertainment facilities, Hotels and Shopping Centers are the core tourism departments that provide food and beverages, entertainments, souvenirs and services for the tourist consumption. The tertiary industries, including the Transportation and Postal industry, Accommodation and Food industry, Wholesale and Retail Trade, Finance and Commercial, Real Estate and other industry sectors. Tourism related directly and indirectly with these departments to meet the tourists and other tourism consumption including raw materials, culture, information, technological, economical, environmental, etc., supports. The scale of the development of the tertiary industries interact the tourism industry (Su et al.,

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