Negative Impact Of Technology Essay

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Negative impact of technology
Society has become excessively dependent on technology which has resulted in reduced physical activity due to people spending a considerable amount of time on computers. The days before technology daily life involved a huge amount of physical activity which today leaves no time for exercise.

The lack of face to face communication due to online messaging platforms has created a social divide between people. Gone are the days where we would look forward to a reunion or gathering that has all been replaced with social media and being active on social networks. With everything being a few clicks away there is no striving.

Reduced personal interaction, being able to work from home can have a negative effect. Most people need some form of social interaction in their daily lives and if that is taken away we are left feeling isolated and unhappy. Youngsters are now more reliant on technology and a good percent have now become addicted to online gaming which in turn has made them more withdrawn from social activities. Bullying has seen an increase as kids are now able to hide behind social media and bully peers after school hours.

The job market has suffered significant losses due to manual jobs now being replaced by automation thus reducing the number of employees needed and leaving many jobless. The more advanced technology gets, manual jobs will continue to suffer and affect upcoming job seekers.
(The Economist. 2016) “In previous waves of
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